Batman & Catwoman

Batman and Catwoman on their couch.
She needs a lot of attention so our hero cannot watch the TV.
It's really hard to be the dark knight of Gotham!
Batman and Catwoman by Lorenzo Sabia

Sexy Witch

A sexy witch riding her sexy broom.
Pencil sketch on A4 paper.
sexy witch by Lorenzo Sabia

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, bloody and sexy.
Pencil on A4 paper. Ink and color with Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Harley Quinn by Lorenzo Sabia

Girl Sketch Collection #4

There's nothing better than sketching sexy girls!
Pencil on A4 papers.

girl sketch by Lorenzo Sabia

girl sketch by Lorenzo Sabia

Sketch Collection #7

Sketching people in Florence
Pencil on A4 paper

sketch by Lorenzo Sabia

sketch by Lorenzo Sabia